Last night, Codecraft organised a 90 minute mob-programming session, I wasn’t able to make it to last years’s event, so this was my first taste, and it really interesting, and I enjoyed it!

Organised by Joe and facilitated by some awesome folks, we tackled Emily Bache’s Gilded Rose Kata.

We had a full table, with a screen and laptop connected up, and tackled it in Java, a lot of the refactorings are fairly nicely automated using IntelliJ, but we started off with small changes, and soon had a pretty good rhythm going, and got further than I expected.

It was an interesting collaborative experience, and I think matched up to the principle of “kindness, consideration and respect”.

Thanks to Joe, SkyScanner the facilitators, and my fellow mobbers for an interesting evening.

Oh, and for an alternative take on the Gilded Rose kata, I can recommend Sandi Metz’ great talk from 2014 here,