I’ve spent less time working on the Tekton CI project this week, I had a sudden desire to write some 68000 assembly to rekindle some memories from my youth, so things slowed a little.

Some new functionality has landed tho’

Configurability of the PVC

You can now configure the size of the claimed volume from the command-line.

  - name: tekton-ci-http
    image: quay.io/bigkevmcd/tekton-ci
    command: ["./ci-hook-server"]
    args: ["http", "--pipelinerun-volume-size", "3G"]

It’d be trivial to allow configurability of the PVC from a DSL configuration (within limits, and I’ll see if I can find time to do this.

Private Git Repo Access

You can now drive your pipeline runs from a private GitHub repo, it’s looked up in the GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable.

Create a secret, and ensure that you reference it in the Deployment with:

$ kubectl create secret generic tekton-ci-client --from-literal=token=GENERATE_ME
  - name: GITHUB_TOKEN
        name: tekton-ci-client
        key: token

Hook ID Annotation

The PipelineRun that’s generated is annotated with the “Hook ID” from the incoming hook in the tekton.dev/ci-hook-id.

apiVersion: tekton.dev/v1beta1
kind: PipelineRun
    tekton.dev/git-status: "true"
    tekton.dev/status-context: tekton-ci
    tekton.dev/ci-source-ref: refs/pulls/4
    tekton.dev/ci-source-url: https://github.com/bigkevmcd/github-tool.git
    tekton.dev/ci-hook-id: "26400635-d8f4-4cf5-a45f-bd03856bdf2b"
  generateName: my-pipeline-run-
    app.kubernetes.io/managed-by: dsl
    app.kubernetes.io/part-of: Tekton-CI

Finally, if you’ve made it this far, I have a working “commit-status” mechanism, that will track the PipelineRun and notify GitHub of the success/failure of your Pipeline, this should land in the next week.