CI and CD pipelines require automation, automation of tests, builds and deployments.

I’ve written before about Tekton, and using EventListeners to drive pipelines.

More recently, I’ve been looking at ways to simplify the configuration of deploying these pipelines.

Introducing Tekton CI, which makes it easy to define the pipeline configuration in the same repository as the code resides.

This is an early alpha-release, it works, but it’s under heavy development.

The Deployment exposes an HTTP service on 8080 with two endpoints.

Hook endpoints

The container supports two different formats for driving pipelines, both accept incoming PullRequest hooks and fetch a pipeline definition from the source repository.

  • /pipeline will drive a simplified script-based PipelineDSL
  • /pipelinerun will drive pipelines directly from a PipelineRun definition.

Script DSL

The /pipeline endpoint will look for a file called .tekton_ci.yaml in the root of the repository.

It supports a simplified script format, see this example.

When a PullRequest is opened, this will be executed as a PipelineRun with an embedded Pipeline, with embedded Tasks based on the scripts in the definition.

The source is checked out to a shared volume and the scripts are executed in the “root” of the checked out code.

PipelineRun definition

The /pipelinerun endpoint will look for a file called .tekton/pull_request.yaml.

# This is a CEL expression
filter: hook.Action == 'opened'
# These are applied to the created PipelineRun, the expression is a CEL
# expression, and the `hook` value is an scm Hook value, for example
  - name: COMMIT_SHA
    expression: hook.PullRequest.Sha
# this is a standard Pipeline Run specification.
      - name: COMMIT_SHA
        description: "The commit from the pull_request"
        type: string
      - name: echo-commit
          - name: COMMIT
            type: string
            - name: echo
              image: ubuntu
              script: |
                #!/usr/bin/env bash
                echo "$(params.COMMIT)"
          - name: COMMIT
            value: $(params.COMMIT_SHA)

Feel free to build and install the code, and submit issues or feedback.